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Non-Contact Measurement of Vibration & Acoustic Emission (AE)
What can you do with Robust Laser Interferometry (RLI)?
  • Measure vibration and AE from 50+ feet away
  • Measure vibration & AE on high temperature surfaces
  • Measure vibration & AE in areas of high electromagnetic interference or vibration
  • Measure vibration & AE on very slow speed machines (down to effectively 0 Hz)
  • Measure vibration & AE in noisy, real-world environments  


Would you like to learn more about RLI? Would you like to use RLI's robust and powerful capability for your laboratory or field project?  A LaserSense field analysis team is ready to travel to your faciity or laboratory, indoors or out, to provide our fast, reliable acoustic emission (AE) or vibration measurement serviceContact us to request a quote or proposal.


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